Let us preserve your bouquet to create a lasting design that will commemorate your special day. We accept bouquets from all 50 states. Whether it be a traditional floral collage or a personalized mixed media piece, our wedding design options are endless. It is important that you book in advance to ensure you have your spot in our press after your wedding date.



In order to get you processed we need the following:

1. Fill out the form field above.
2. Wait for our reply (24-48 hours), for confirmation on availability for your wedding date.
3. Return the signed client agreement and Pay retainer fee to secure your spot.

Once you have completed these steps, we will reach out to schedule a phone call to discuss designs, flower drop date, and answer any questions you may have.


To keep your flowers fresh over the weekend, keep them in water and cold air! Store the flowers in a vase of water (2-3 inches touching stems) in a refrigerator. Flowers do not like the heat so keep them away from any heat source(s). Please note that you do not need to drown out the stems..too much water in the vase will actually rot and mildew the stems! Change the water daily to keep the water fresh. Remove any rosaries attached or special memento's that have been tucked away in the bouquet.

When hauling the flowers to our studio, use any box (cardboard/ice chest) to add the vase with the flowers into it. Use a towel to wrap around the vase(s) to help stabilize them from tipping over in the box. If purchasing our full bridal package ($500), you are welcome to send a bridesmaid bouquet or another arrangement for your flower drop.


Once we receive your flowers, we document + log the flower types, condition, variety, colors.

For the next 4-6 weeks we monitor moisture levels. Please note that flower preservation is never a guarantee, not every single flower will press to perfect condition. All flowers take to the press differently as one flower of the same class might press better than the next.

Flowers take 6 weeks to press all moisture out. During this time, we monitor moisture levels and throw out any petals that are not successfully pressing. Once pressed, they are transferred to our pending press where they will remain until we get to the order.


When your order is ready to be filled, we schedule a design call with you to review your paperwork/design options. We then rebuild your flowers to create mockups, which we then text over to you for your review and approval (72 hours to get back to us).

Your artwork is then assembled, photographed, an invoice is generated and pickup date is scheduled. Final payment, less your deposit, is paid upon or prior to pickup.

Our total timeline from start to finish is 9-12 months.