The Creators 


AC Venable 

Preservation Press was created in 2015 by Louisiana native and preservationist A.C. Venable. What started, four years ago, as an outlet to decorate her own home with the haunting, visual effects that pressed specimens provides, has turned into a lifestyle brand offering classic home and wall decor. 


Hannah Castille 

Mid 2017, Hannah Castille joined the Preservation team. She found her love of pressed flowers after sticking some in the back of her journal during a trip to Canada. A few of Hannah's favorite things include coffee, propagating her succulents, and interior decorating. Since joining the team, Hannah has taken on the role as lead designer. 

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Studio Scenes + Location


The Press

Pressing flowers in a large scale operation is labor intensive. We have 5 hand built wooden press's in which we load custom orders into. Living in Louisiana, with extreme humidity levels, we let our flowers press out for 4-6 weeks.



We are located in the heart of DT Lafayette at 912 W. Congress St. Look for the purple house with the maroon door!

Information Cards

Information cards are optional on all herbarium boards. They are pre-printed and cut labels with Swedish descriptions to document plant classification. Information of the card includes: Genus + species, the location (fyndort) with which it was picked, and date the botanical was pressed (insalm den.).


Inspiration | GalleryWalls

We are forever seeking new inspiration and innovative ideas for new designs.