How to BOOK US 

We are limited to 5 wooden press's. Therefore, it is important that you book us in advance to reserve a spot in our press ensuring that we reserve room for your order. Due to press limitations, we have a $500 minimum on all wedding orders. 


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Step 1 | Email Us

Fill out our contact form below and we will email you our bridal information guide and client agreement. The information guide and client agreement contains detailed step by step instructions on what you need to do in order to book us!

If you are out of town, we can take care of all paperwork and deposits via mail and email correspondence.

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Step 2 | Confirm Flower Drop Date

Once we receive your completed client agreement and deposit, we then schedule a phone call with each client to discuss wedding date and order details, confirm a flower drop date, and to answer any lingering questions that the information packet did not cover. All wedding flower drops are scheduled the following Monday after the weekend.

If you are sending flowers from out of town, no problem! We will send an insulated care package and all other materials you will need to properly overnight us the flowers. Flowers would be mailed the following Monday after the event to get to us early Tuesday morning!

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Step 3 | Confirmation

Once we confirm your flower drop date and time, you are officially booked with us and have your spot reserved in one of our press’s come wedding day!

For our brides that are overnighting their flowers, we will confirm the address and provide a date with which your care package will be shipped.

flower care | transport

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The best way to keep your flowers fresh over the weekend is water and cold air! If a fridge is available, store the flowers in a vase of water with the stems submerged in 2-3 inches of fresh water. Please note that you do not need to drown out the much water in the vase will actually rot and mildew the stems! Change the water daily to keep the water fresh. Remove any rosaries attached or special memento's that are have been tucked away in the bouquet.

If a refrigerator is not available, you can store the flowers in a vase of fresh water, away from any direct sunlight and in a very ventilated room with the air condition on low!

Flower Transport is easy! When hauling the flowers to our studio, wrap the stems in a damp paper towel to keep the flowers hydrated during the car ride. Place the flowers in the back seat away from any direct sunlight!

 Process | TIMELINE


Once we receive your flowers, we document + log the flower types, condition, variety, colors etc. We then pull the bouquet apart and group like flowers with like flowers to press or sand.


For the next 4-6 weeks we monitor moisture levels and change paper, Please note that flower preservation is never a guarantee, not every single flower will press’s to perfect condition. All flowers take to the press differently as one flower of the same class might press better than the next.

Flowers such as lithiansus, delphinium, roses and peonies are problematic due to the many layers and may or may not take to the press. We do, however, press + sand the entire bouquet to ensure that we will have enough options to give to you!

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After the 4-6 weeks of logging paper changes and climate control, we transfer your flowers to our pending orders press. Your flowers will remain in this press until we can get to it and fill your order.

When your order is ready to be filled, we will connect with you to start the creative | design process! We pull your order form along with your client agreement (which you mailed to us when you booked us) and we see which design options you chose. We take your best flowers that pressed out and create different picture proofs according to the options that you selected in your order form. Once you decide on the proofs you would like for us to create, we can then make any final edits/changes before completing your piece!

Floral preservation is a delicate, labor intensive process; it is custom artwork that cannot be rushed. Due to high volume of orders + processing time, total timeline averages 3 months from start to finish.

For wedding inquiries, please fill out the form below and we will email back within 24-48 hours with our bridal information packet and client agreement.

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If the wedding is out of town, will you need a care package to overnight your flowers?